August Adoptables 2016

Life Is Good 

At Kathi’s K9s

September 3, 2015

Adoption is even better!

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of these wonderful pups.

Adoptable Pets

May – June 2015

Check out these adorable bundles of love just waiting for a loving forever home!

A Day at Kathi’s K9s
April 7, 2015

Every day at Kathi’s K9s is different, but everyday is devoted to our furry friends and their well-being.  As you can see each and every dog gets the care and attention that is needed for a healthy and active life. 

Please consider adopting, volunteering or donating to help these wonderful animals enjoy the life they deserve.

Ellie and Friends

April 14, 2012

When Ellie arrived at Kathi’s K9s she was timid and afraid.  Ellie needed to explore her new world and learn to trust again.  With a little help from her friends, Ellie’s progress has been amazing.  Ellie’s new best friends are the horses next door.

Watch Ellie’s video and follow her on her new adventures.